The need of love

Bring back what has been settled in the dump, there are tales of insubordinate sheep shiftless scenes may mark the words unconventional healing in a site that has been made for a miraculous bore formal language can push the hump from a whale, miserable downcast jargon that has removed even the bravest people from the fray
Still this is the king of kings, it is the master of the lord, when things are up and running there is no reason to go sour but like an old bitch who’s done open her mouth pull out her palate remove what may be left of her teeth because there are low clefts left on the other side blind tarantula sea-borne mites and ticks, on better days you might look outward over the hull, giant waves will roll over on the plane defying the right to count on the glad tricks of history, new events are likely to unfold large planets in the rockets of stormy weather, full circle in vivid color masterful rides on a blanket, no need to be embarrassed as this is how it shall still be done yesterday, today and tomorrow.